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Emergency Management

Chenango County has a Population of 59,477 with a density of 56 people per square mile. With the City of Norwich, 7 Villages and 21 townships, Chenango county consists of 899 square miles land and 4 square miles of water. There are 155 dams in the county.

Since 1954, Chenenago County has had 15 Presidential Declared Disaster and is ranked 7th in the state for disaster declarations. Chenango County's Greatest risks for hazard include flooding, a severe wind or tornado event, a Hazardous Materials Release or a cyber attack.

Chenango County's Emergency Management's team overall mission is to provide coordination, planning, training, resources, response, information, notification and warning to the public; elected officials; and public safety agencies throughout the county and Assist local government in preparing for and mitigating emergencies and disasters.

We assist departments and local governments with:

  • Preparedness
    • Provide direct support for Planning, Training, and Exercise
  • Response
    • State Coordination Lead / Liaison
      • Situation Status
      • Objectives / Priorities
      • Resource Status
  • Short Term Recovery
    • Obtain early estimates of damage/impacts
    • Conduct periodic field assessments to identify firm impacts and provide guidance to establish short term recovery priorities
    • Liaison to Long Term Recovery

Chenango County's Emergency Management Team may also provide assistance by considering and potentially addressing several factors within the first few hours following and incident or disaster. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Community and Responder Safety
  • Potential for Hazardous Materials
  • Weather and Environmental factors
  • Likelihood of  cascading events
  • Potential crime scene (includes terrorism)
  • Political sensitivity, external influence, and media
  • Potential for multiple operational periods
  • Area involved and jurisdictional boundaries
  • llows for the correct allocation of available resources

Each county, city, town and village is authorized to prepare disaster preparedness plans for the purpose of:

  • Identify local measures to prevent disasters
  • Develop means to coordinate use of local resources respond to and recover from a disaster
  • Provide for recovery and redevelopment after disaster

During a Local State of Emergency a chief executive may declare a state of emergency in the event of a disaster or reasonable apprehension of immediate danger that poses a threat to public safety. A declaration may cover any part or all of the territorial limits of such local government. ALocal State of Emergency proclamation is valid for 30 days but may be extended for additional 30 day periods. A Chief Executive make an order to protect life and property including but not limited to:

  • the establishment of a curfew
  • prohibition and control of vehicular/pedestrian traffic
  • designation of areas within which buildings may not be used and ingress/egress of vehicles & persons is prohibited
  • suspension or limitation of the sale, dispensing or use of alcohol, firearms, explosives, and flammable materials

A local State of Emergency also allows for the use of Emergency Orders (e.g.):

  • Establishing curfews
  • Closing roads
  • Restricting access to certain areas
  • Restricting sale of certain goods
  • Establishing shelters
  • Suspending local laws

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